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15.8.5 Using the Unsteady Laminar Flamelet Model

The unsteady laminar flamelet model can only be enabled when the following conditions are met:


Since the unsteady laminar flamelet model postprocesses a marker probability equation a fixed flow field, the model should only be used on a fully converged, steady-state FLUENTsolution.

When the Unsteady Flamelet is enabled in the Chemistry tab, the Import Flamelet File for Restart... button appears in the panel, allowing you to run the simulation from a previously saved case and data file.

The Unsteady Laminar Flamelet Model requires four user inputs in the Flamelet tab:

When these inputs have been set, clicking the Initialize Unsteady Flamelet Probability button initializes the marker probability equation, automatically enabling the Unsteady solver, while disabling all equations except the Unsteady Flamelet Probability equation in the Solution Controls panel. and sets the time step in the Iterate... panel. This initialization in the Flamelet tab sets the Time Step Size in the Iterate panel, allowing you to set the Number of Time Steps. (Clicking the Apply button in the Chemistry tab will also automatically change the solver settings).


Do not initialize your solution using the Solve/Initialize/Initialize... menu path. Note that we are postprocessing the probability field on the frozen steady-state flow field, and by clicking the Initialize Unsteady Flamelet Probability button, you have already initialized the probability marker field.


If you disable the Unsteady Laminar Flamelet model and you want to revert to solving a laminar flamelet, make sure you enable Steady in the Solver panel and enable all the equations in the Solution Controls panel.

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