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15.8.3 Specifying a Chemical Mechanism File for Flamelet Generation

If you are generating a flamelet file yourself, you will need to read in the chemical kinetic mechanism and thermodynamic data. The mechanism and thermodynamic data must be in CHEMKIN format [ 178].

To read in a CHEMKIN mechanism, select the Create Flamelet option in the Chemistry tab of the Species Model panel and click the Import CHEMKIN Mechanism... button. When you click this button, the CHEMKIN Mechanism Import panel (Figure  15.8.2) will open. In the CHEMKIN Mechanism Import panel, enter the path to the CHEMKIN file to be read under Gas-Phase CHEMKIN Mechanism File and specify the location of the thermodynamic database under Gas-Phase Thermodynamic Database File. Alternatively, you can click the appropriate Browse... button to open a Select File dialog box, or simply use the default thermo.db which is already provided.

Figure 15.8.2: The Laminar Flamelet CHEMKIN Mechanism Import Panel

Click Import in the CHEMKIN Mechanism Import panel to read the specified files into FLUENT. Note that the import is limited to mechanisms with 300 or fewer species and 1500 or fewer reactions.

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