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15.4.2 Multiple Steady Flamelet Libraries

FLUENT can generate multiple steady flamelets over a range of strain rates to account for the varying strain field in your multi-dimensional simulation. If you specify the number of flamelets to be greater than one, flamelets are generated at scalar dissipation values as determined by Equation  15.4-1.

 \chi_i = \left\{ \begin{array}{cl} 10 \chi_{i-1} & {\rm for}... ...& {\rm for} \; \chi_{i-1} \geq 1 \; s^{-1} \end{array} \right. (15.4-1)

where $i$ ranges from 1 up to the specified maximum number of flamelets, $\chi_0$ is the initial scalar dissipation, and $\Delta \chi$ is the scalar dissipation step. Flamelets are generated until either the maximum number of flamelets is reached, or the flamelet extinguishes. Extinguished flamelets are excluded from the flamelet library.

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