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14.4 Species Transport Without Reactions

In addition to the volumetric and surface reactions described in the previous sections, you can also use FLUENT to solve a species mixing problem without reactions. The species transport equations that FLUENT will solve are described in Section  14.1.1, and the procedure you will follow to set up the non-reacting species transport problem is the same as that described in Sections  14.1.2- 14.1.6, with some simplifications.

The basic steps are listed below:

1.   Enable Species Transport in the Species Model panel and select the appropriate Mixture Material.

Define $\rightarrow$ Models $\rightarrow$ Species $\rightarrow$ Transport & Reaction...

See Section  14.1.2 for information about the mixture material concept, and Section  14.1.3 for more details about using the Species Model panel.

2.   (optional) If you want to model full multicomponent diffusion or thermal diffusion, turn on the Full Multicomponent Diffusion or Thermal Diffusion option.

3.   Check and/or define the properties of the mixture and its constituent species.

Define $\rightarrow$ Materials...

Mixture properties include the following:

  • species in the mixture

  • other physical properties (e.g., viscosity, specific heat)

See Section  14.1.4 for details.

4.   Set species boundary conditions, as described in Section  14.1.5.

No special solution procedures are usually required for a non-reacting species transport calculation. Upon completion of the calculation, you can display or report the following quantities:

These variables are contained in the Species... and Properties... categories of the variable selection drop-down list that appears in postprocessing panels. See Chapter  30 for a complete list of flow variables, field functions, and their definitions. Chapters  28 and 29 explain how to generate graphics displays and reports of data.

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