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14.1.8 Postprocessing for Species Calculations

FLUENT can report chemical species as mass fractions, mole fractions, and molar concentrations. You can also display laminar and effective mass diffusion coefficients. The following variables are available for postprocessing of species transport and reaction simulations:

These variables are contained in the Species..., Temperature..., and Reactions... categories of the variable selection drop-down list that appears in postprocessing panels. See Chapter  30 for a complete list of flow variables, field functions, and their definitions. Chapters  28 and 29 explain how to generate graphics displays and reports of data.

Averaged Species Concentrations

Averaged species concentrations at inlets and exits, and across selected planes (i.e., surfaces that you have created using the Surface menu items) within your model can be obtained using the Surface Integrals panel, as described in Section  29.5.

Report $\rightarrow$ Surface Integrals...

Select the Molar Concentration of species-n for the appropriate species in the Field Variable drop-down list.

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