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14. Modeling Species Transport and Finite-Rate Chemistry

FLUENT can model the mixing and transport of chemical species by solving conservation equations describing convection, diffusion, and reaction sources for each component species. Multiple simultaneous chemical reactions can be modeled, with reactions occurring in the bulk phase (volumetric reactions) and/or on wall or particle surfaces, and in the porous region. Species transport modeling capabilities, both with and without reactions, and the inputs you provide when using the model are described in this chapter.

Note that you may also want to consider modeling your turbulent reacting flame using the mixture fraction approach (for non-premixed systems, described in Chapter  15), the reaction progress variable approach (for premixed systems, described in Chapter  16), the partially premixed approach (described in Chapter  17), or the composition PDF Transport approach (described in Chapter  18). Modeling multiphase species transport and finite-rate chemistry can be found in Chapter  23.

Information is divided into the following sections:

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