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13.4.4 Solution Strategies for Periodic Heat Transfer

After completing the inputs described in Section  13.4.3, you can solve the flow and heat transfer problem to convergence. The most efficient approach to the solution, however, is a sequential one in which the periodic flow is first solved without heat transfer and then the heat transfer is solved leaving the flow field unaltered. This sequential approach is accomplished as follows:

1.   Disable solution of the energy equation under Equations in the Solution Controls panel.

Solve $\rightarrow$ Controls $\rightarrow$ Solution...

2.   Solve the remaining equations (continuity, momentum, and, optionally, turbulence parameters) to convergence to obtain the periodic flow field.


When you initialize the flow field before beginning the calculation, use the mean value between the inlet bulk temperature and the wall temperature for the initialization of the temperature field.

3.   Return to the Solution Controls panel and turn off solution of the flow equations and turn on the energy solution.

4.   Solve the energy equation to convergence to obtain the periodic temperature field of interest.

While you can solve your periodic flow and heat transfer problems by considering both the flow and heat transfer simultaneously, you will find that the procedure outlined above is more efficient.

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