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13.4.1 Overview and Limitations


As discussed in Section  9.4.1, streamwise-periodic flow conditions exist when the flow pattern repeats over some length $L$, with a constant pressure drop across each repeating module along the streamwise direction.

Periodic thermal conditions may be established when the thermal boundary conditions are of the constant wall temperature or wall heat flux type. In such problems, the temperature field (when scaled in an appropriate manner) is periodically fully-developed [ 278]. As for periodic flows, such problems can be analyzed by restricting the numerical model to a single module or periodic length.

Constraints for Periodic Heat Transfer Predictions

In addition to the constraints for streamwise-periodic flow discussed in Section  9.4.1, the following constraints must be met when periodic heat transfer is to be considered:

Sections  13.4.2 and  13.4.3 provide more detailed descriptions of the input requirements for periodic heat transfer.

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