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12.19.16 Customizing the Turbulent Viscosity

If you are using the Spalart-Allmaras, $k$- $\epsilon$, $k$- $\omega$, or LES model, a user-defined function can be used to customize the turbulent viscosity. This option will enable you to modify $\mu_t$ in the case of the Spalart-Allmaras, $k$- $\epsilon$, and $k$- $\omega$ models, and incorporate completely new subgrid models in the case of the LES model. See the separate UDF Manual for information about user-defined functions.

In the Viscous Model panel, under User-Defined Functions, select the appropriate user-defined function in the Turbulent Viscosity drop-down list. For the LES model, select the appropriate UDF in the Subgrid-Scale Turbulent Viscosity drop-down list.

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