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12.19.11 Including the Wall Reflection Term

If the RSM is used with the default model for pressure strain, FLUENT will, by default, include the wall-reflection effects in the pressure-strain term. That is, FLUENT will calculate $\phi_{ij,w}$ using Equation  12.7-7 and include it in Equation  12.7-4. Note that wall-reflection effects are not included if you have selected the quadratic pressure-strain model.


The empirical constants and the function $f$ used in the calculation of $\phi_{ij,w}$ are calibrated for simple canonical flows such as channel flows and flat-plate boundary layers involving a single wall. If the flow involves multiple walls and the wall has significant curvature (e.g., an axisymmetric pipe or curvilinear duct), the inclusion of the wall-reflection term in Equation  12.7-7 may not improve the accuracy of the RSM predictions. In such cases, you can disable the wall-reflection effects by turning off the Wall Reflection Effects under Reynolds-Stress Options in the Viscous Model panel.

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