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12.16 Setting Up the Reynolds Stress Model

If you choose the RSM, the following submodels are available:

Figure 12.16.1: The Viscous Model Panel Displaying the Reynolds Stress Model Options

The following Reynolds-stress options are available: Other options that are available based on your case setup include: For the Reynolds stress model, the following near-wall treatments are available (Section  12.10): If wall boundary conditions for the Reynolds stresses from the $k$ equation and/or wall reflection effects on Reynolds stresses are/is selected, then all the above near-wall treatments are available for selection.

If you choose the enhanced wall treatment, the following options are available: If the quadratic pressure-strain model is selected, then you can set either the standard wall functions or the non-equilibrium wall functions.

If Low-Re Stress-Omega is selected, you cannot select any near-wall treatments. You do have the option of selecting any or all of the following $k-\omega$ options:

Figure 12.16.2: The Viscous Model Panel Displaying the Low-Re Stress-Omega Model Options

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