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12.3.5 Modeling the Turbulent Destruction

The destruction term is modeled as

 Y_\nu = C_{w1} \rho f_w \left(\frac{\tilde{\nu}}{d}\right)^2 (12.3-12)

 f_w = g \left[\frac{1 + C_{w3}^6}{g^6 + C_{w3}^6}\right]^{1/6} (12.3-13)

 g = r + C_{w2} \left(r^6 - r\right) (12.3-14)

 r \equiv \frac{\tilde{\nu}}{\tilde{S} \kappa^2 d^2} (12.3-15)

$C_{w1}$, $C_{w2}$, and $C_{w3}$ are constants, and $\tilde{S}$ is given by Equation  12.3-6. Note that the modification described above to include the effects of mean strain on $S$ will also affect the value of $\tilde{S}$ used to compute $r$.

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