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9.4.6 Postprocessing for Streamwise-Periodic Flows

For streamwise-periodic flows, the velocity field should be completely periodic. If a density-based solver is used to compute the periodic flow, the pressure field reported will be the actual pressure $p$ (which is not periodic). If the pressure-based solver is used, the pressure field reported will be the periodic pressure field $\tilde{p}({\vec{r}})$ of Equation  9.4-3. Figure  9.4.5 displays the periodic pressure field in the geometry of Figure  9.4.1.

If you specified a mass flow rate and had FLUENT calculate the pressure gradient, you can check the pressure gradient in the streamwise direction ( $\beta$) by looking at the current value for Pressure Gradient in the Periodic Conditions panel.

Figure 9.4.5: Periodic Pressure Field Predicted for Flow in a 2D Heat Exchanger Geometry

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