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9.4.4 User Inputs for the Density-Based Solvers

If you are using one of the density-based solvers, in order to calculate a spatially periodic flow field with a specified pressure jump, you must first create a grid with translationally periodic boundaries that are parallel to each other and equal in size. (If you need to create periodic boundaries, see Section  6.8.4.)

Then, follow the steps below:

1.   In the Periodic panel (Figure  9.4.4), which is opened from the Boundary Conditions panel, indicate that the periodicity is Translational (the default).

Define $\rightarrow$ Boundary Conditions...

Figure 9.4.4: The Periodic Panel

2.   Also in the Periodic panel, set the Periodic Pressure Jump ( $\Delta p$ in Equation  9.4-2).

After completing these inputs, you can solve the periodic velocity field to convergence.

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