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8.6.3 User-Defined Anisotropic Diffusivity

You can specify $\Gamma$ in Equation  8.6-1 on a per-scalar basis, directly, through user-defined functions (UDFs).

To specify a UDF for anisotropic diffusivity on a per-scalar basis, first select a scalar equation (e.g., uds-0) from the User-Defined Scalar Diffusion list in the UDS Diffusion Coefficients panel (Figure  8.6.7).

Figure 8.6.7: The UDS Diffusion Coefficients Panel

Then choose user-defined-anisotropic in the drop-down list under Coefficient. The User-Defined Functions panel will open allowing you to hook a DEFINE_ANISOTROPIC_DIFFUSIVITY UDF only if you have previously loaded a compiled UDF library or interpreted a UDF. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

Refer to the separate UDF Manual for details on user-defined functions.

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