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2.3 Using the GUI Help System

FLUENT includes an intergrated HTML-based on-line help system that provides easy access to the program documentation. Through the graphical user interface, you have the entire User's Guide and other documentation available to you with the click of a mouse button. The User's Guide and other manuals are displayed in your web browser, and you can use the hypertext links and the browser's search and navigation tools (as well as the additional navigation tools described in the separate Getting Started Guide ) to find the information you need.

There are many ways to access the information contained in the on-line help. You can get reference information from within a panel or (on UNIX machines) request context-sensitive help for a particular menu item or panel. You can also go to the User's Guide contents page or index, and use the hypertext links there to find the information you are looking for. In addition to the User's Guide, you can also access the other FLUENT documentation (e.g., the Tutorial Guide or UDF Manual ).

Note that the Reference Guide, which is the last chapter of the User's Guide in the on-line help, contains a description of each menu item and panel.


FLUENT's help system is HTML-based, so you need to have access to a web browser. You also need to have installed the HTML files from the documentation CD-ROM. See the separate installation instructions for your platform type for information about installing the files from the documentation CD-ROM.

This section focuses on the Help menu in FLUENT, and how you can use it (and the Help button in each panel) to access the HTML-based on-line help from within FLUENT. See the separate Getting Started Guide for more information about accessing the documentation outside of FLUENT. The Getting Started Guide also provides additional information about navigating and finding information in the User's Guide (and other manuals), as well as guidelines for modifying the appearance of the HTML versions of the manuals.

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