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8.2.1 Inputs for Polynomial Functions

To define a polynomial function of temperature for a material property, do the following:

1.   In the Materials panel, choose polynomial in the drop-down list to the right of the property name (e.g., Density). The Polynomial Profile panel (Figure  8.2.1) will open automatically.

Figure 8.2.1: The Polynomial Profile Panel

Note:   Since this is a modal panel, the solver will not allow you to do anything else until you perform the following steps.

(a)   Specify the number of Coefficients up to 8 coefficients are available. The number of coefficients defines the order of the polynomial. The default of 1 defines a polynomial of order 0. The property will be constant and equal to the single coefficient $A_1$. An input of 2 defines a polynomial of order 1 and the property will vary linearly with temperature and so on.

(b)   Define the coefficients. Coefficients 1, 2, 3,... correspond to $A_1$, $A_2$, $A_3$,... in Equation  8.2-1. The panel in Figure  8.2.1 shows the inputs for the following function:

 \rho(T) = 1000 - 0.02T (8.2-4)


Note the restriction on the units for temperature, as described above.

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