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7.28 Defining Mass, Momentum, Energy, and Other Sources

You can define volumetric sources of mass (for single or multiple species), momentum, energy, turbulence, and other scalar quantities in a fluid zone, or a source of energy for a solid zone. This feature is useful when you want to input a known value for these sources. (For more complicated sources with functional dependency, you can create a user-defined function as described in the separate UDF Manual.) To add source terms to a cell or group of cells, you must place the cell(s) in a separate zone. The sources are then applied to that cell zone. Typical uses for this feature are listed below:

Figure 7.28.1: Defining a Source for a Tiny Inlet


Note that if you define a mass source for a cell zone, you should also define a momentum source and, if appropriate for your model, energy and turbulence sources. If you define only a mass source, that mass enters the domain with no momentum or thermal heat. The mass will therefore have to be accelerated and heated by the flow and, consequently, there may be a drop in velocity or temperature. This drop may or may not be perceptible, depending on the size of the source. (Note that defining only a momentum, energy, or turbulence source is acceptable.)

Sign Conventions and Units

All positive source terms indicate sources, and all negative source terms indicate sinks. All sources must be specified in SI units.

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