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7.20.3 Postprocessing for Fans

Reporting the Pressure Rise Through the Fan

You can use the Surface Integrals panel to report the pressure rise through the fan, as described in Section  29.5. There are two steps to this procedure:

1.   Create a surface on each side of the fan zone. Use the Transform Surface panel (as described in Section  27.10) to translate the fan zone slightly upstream and slightly downstream to create two new surfaces.

2.   In the Surface Integrals panel, report the average Static Pressure just upstream and just downstream of the fan. You can then calculate the pressure rise through the fan.

Graphical Plots

Graphical reports of interest with fans are as follows:

Chapter  28 explains how to generate graphical displays of data.


When generating these plots, be sure to turn off the display of node values so that you can see the different values on each side of the fan. (If you display node values, the cell values on either side of the fan will be averaged to obtain a node value, and you will not see, for example, the pressure jump across the fan.)

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