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7.19.9 Postprocessing for Porous Media

The impact of a porous region on the flow field can be determined by examining either velocity components or pressure values. Graphical plots (including XY plots and contour or vector plots) or alphanumeric reports of the following variables/functions may be of interest:

These variables are contained in the specified categories of the variable selection drop-down list that appears in postprocessing panels.

Note that thermal reporting in the porous region is defined follows:

 k_{\rm eff} = \gamma k_s + (1-\gamma)k_f (7.19-32)


$\gamma$ = porosity of the medium
$k_f$ = fluid phase thermal conductivity (including the turbulent contribution, $k_t$)
$k_s$ = solid medium thermal conductivity


For porous media involving surface reactions, you can display/report the surface reaction rates using the Arrhenius Rate of Reaction-n in the Reactions... category of the variable selection drop-down list.

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