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7.19 Porous Media Conditions

The porous media model can be used for a wide variety of problems, including flows through packed beds, filter papers, perforated plates, flow distributors, and tube banks. When you use this model, you define a cell zone in which the porous media model is applied and the pressure loss in the flow is determined via your inputs as described in Section  7.19.2. Heat transfer through the medium can also be represented, subject to the assumption of thermal equilibrium between the medium and the fluid flow, as described in Section  7.19.3.

A 1D simplification of the porous media model, termed the "porous jump,'' can be used to model a thin membrane with known velocity/pressure-drop characteristics. The porous jump model is applied to a face zone, not to a cell zone, and should be used (instead of the full porous media model) whenever possible because it is more robust and yields better convergence. See Section  7.22 for details.

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