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7.1.7 Changing Boundary Zone Names

The default name for a zone is its type plus an ID number (e.g., pressure-inlet-7). In some cases, you may want to assign more descriptive names to the boundary zones. If you have two pressure-inlet zones, for example, you might want to rename them small-inlet and large-inlet. (Changing the name of a zone will not change its type. Instructions for changing a zone's type are provided in Section  7.1.3.)

To rename a zone, follow these steps:

1.   Select the zone to be renamed in the Zones list in the Boundary Conditions panel.

2.   Click Set... to open the panel for the selected zone.

3.   Enter a new name under Zone Name.

4.   Click the OK button.

Note that if you specify a new name for a zone and then change its type, the name you specified will be retained; the automatic name change that accompanies a change in type occurs only if the name of the zone is its type plus its ID.

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