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7.1.6 Selecting Boundary Zones in the Graphics Display

Whenever you need to select a zone in the Boundary Conditions panel, you can use the mouse in the graphics window to choose the appropriate zone. This feature is particularly useful if you are setting up a problem for the first time, or if you have two or more zones of the same type and you want to determine the zone IDs (i.e., figure out which zone is which). To use this feature, do the following:

1.   Display the grid using the Grid Display panel.

2.   Use the mouse probe button (the right button, by default--see Section  28.3 to modify the mouse button functions) to click on a boundary zone in the graphics window.

The zone you select in the graphics display will automatically be selected in the Zone list in the Boundary Conditions panel, and its name and ID will be printed in the console window.

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