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1.3 Running FLUENT in Batch Mode

FLUENT can be used interactively, with input from and display to your computer screen, or it can be used in a batch or background mode in which inputs are obtained from and outputs are stored in files. Generally you will perform problem setup, initial calculations, and postprocessing of results in an interactive mode. However, when you are ready to perform a large number of iterative calculations, you may want to run FLUENT in batch or background mode. This allows the computer resources to be prioritized, enables you to control the process from a file (eliminating the need for you to be present during the calculation), and also provides a record of the calculation history (residuals) in an output file. While the procedures for running FLUENT in a batch mode differ depending on your computer operating system, Section  1.3.1 provides guidance for running in batch/background on Linux/UNIX systems, and Section  1.3.2 provides guidance for running in batch/background on Windows systems.

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