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7.1.4 Setting Boundary Conditions

In FLUENT, boundary conditions are associated with zones, not with individual faces or cells. If you want to combine two or more zones that will have the same boundary conditions, see Section  6.8.1 for information about merging zones.

To set boundary conditions for a particular zone, perform one of the following sequences:

1.   Choose the zone in the Boundary Conditions panel's Zone list.

2.   Click on the Set... button.


1.   Choose the zone in the Zone list.

2.   Click on the selected zone type in the Type list.


1.   Double-click on the zone in the Zone list.

The panel for the selected boundary zone will open, and you can specify the appropriate boundary conditions.


If you are using one of the general multiphase models (VOF, mixture, or Eulerian), the procedure for setting boundary conditions is slightly different from that described above. See Section  23.9.8 for details.

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