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1.2.3 Starting the Solver Manually on the Remote Machine

If the remote process fails when you click the Run button in the Select Solver panel (as described in Section  1.2.2), you can use the "listen'' option to work around network security devices that prevent Cortex from creating a remote process directly. The procedure is as follows:

1.   Click the Listen button in the Select Solver panel or type listen at the version> prompt (and press <Enter> to accept the default "time out'').

FLUENT will print a message telling you what arguments you should use to start the solver on a remote machine. The arguments will be in this format:

-cx host:p1:p2

where host is the name of the host Cortex is running on, and :p1:p2 are two colon-separated integers indicating the port numbers being used.

2.   Open a telnet or xterm window and log onto the remote machine where you want to launch the solver.

3.   In the telnet or xterm window, type the following to start the desired version of FLUENT:

fluent version -cx host:p1:p2

replacing version by the version that you wish to run (e.g., 3d), and the host and port numbers by the values displayed above when you clicked Listen in the Select Solver panel or typed listen in the FLUENT console window.

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