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6.7.3 Steps in Converting Skewed Cells to Polyhedral Cells

To convert part of your domain to polyhedral cells, go to the Convert Skewed Cells panel

Grid $\rightarrow$ Polyhedra $\rightarrow$ Convert Skewed Cells...

Figure 6.7.7: The Convert Skewed Cells Panel

1.   Select the zone(s) you want to consider for local polyhedra conversion under Cell Zones. Once the zone selection is made, the Current Maximum Cell Skewness and Cells Above Target (%) skewness are displayed.

2.   Set the Target Maximum Cell Skewness (see Section  6.7.2) and click the Convert button.


The Cells Above Target (%) should be only a couple of percentage points, else the conversion will be ineffective due to the high face count.

3.   The output reported on the FLUENT console is the number of created polyhedra and the resulting maximum cell skewness.

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