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1.2.2 Running FLUENT on a Remote Machine

To run FLUENT on a remote processor, you will normally follow the procedure listed below.

1.   Start FLUENT by typing the following:

  • On a Linux/UNIX machine, type


  • On a Windows machine (in a Command Prompt window), type

    fluent -serv -a

2.   Open the Select Solver panel.

File $\rightarrow$ Run...

3.   In the Select Solver panel, under Remote Execution, set the internet name of the remote machine ( Hostname), your username at that machine ( Username), and your password at that machine ( Password).

4.   Specify the appropriate solver version under Versions and Options in the Select Solver panel. (More information about these items is available in Sections  1.1 and 31.2.)

5.   Click the Run button.

If the remote processor refuses to start the solver, you may need to try the procedure described in Section  1.2.3.

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