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6.4.4 Starting From a FLUENT/UNS or RAMPANT Case

FLUENT/UNS and RAMPANT case files with non-conformal interfaces can be read and used by FLUENT without any changes. However, you may want to recompute the grid interface to take advantage of FLUENT's improved intersection calculation. You cannot simply delete the original grid interface and recompute it. Instead, you must use the define/grid-interfaces/recreate text command.

define $\rightarrow$ grid-interfaces $\rightarrow$ recreate

When you select this command, FLUENT will recreate all grid interfaces in the domain. You can then continue the problem setup or calculation as usual.


If you have a FLUENT/UNS or RAMPANT data file for the non-conformal case, you must read it in before you use the recreate command.

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