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6.3.14 FIDAP Neutral Files

If you have a FIDAP Neutral file and you want to run a FLUENT simulation using the same grid, import it using the File/Import/FIDAP... menu item, as described in Section  4.11.6. FLUENT will read grid information and zone types from the FIDAP file.

To manually convert an input file in FIDAP format to an output file in FLUENT format, enter the following command:

utility fe2ram [ dimension] -tFIDAP7 input_file output_file

The item in square brackets is optional. Do not type the square brackets. For a 2D file, replace dimension with -d2. For a 3D file, do not enter anything for dimension, because 3D is the default.

After the output file has been written, read it into FLUENT using the File/Read/Case... menu item, as described in Section  4.2.

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