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B.5.3 Residuals

Index: 301
Scheme symbol: xf-rf-seg-residuals
Status: optional

This section lists the values of the residuals for a particular data field variable at each iteration:

      (301 (n residual-section-id size)(


n = the number of residuals
size = the length of the variable vector
residual-section-id = an integer (decimal) indicating the equation

size is 1 for a scalar, 2 or 3 for a vector, equal to the number of species for variables defined for each species. The residual-section-id indicates the equation for which the residual is stored in the section, according to the C constants defined in a header file ( xfile.h) available in your installation area, as noted in Section  B.3.

The equations for which residuals are listed in the data file depend on the models active at the time the file is written. If the residual history is missing from the data file for a currently active equation, it is initialized with zeros.

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