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B.5.2 Data Field

Index: 300
Scheme symbol: xf-rf-seg-data
Status: required

This section lists a flow field solution variable for a cell or face zone. The data are stored in the same order as the cells or faces in the case file. Separate sections are written out for each variable for each face or cell zone on which the variable is stored. The format is

      (300 (sub-section-id zone-id size n-time-levels 
        n-phases first-id last-id)
      ( data for cell or face with id = first-id
        data-for-cell-or-face with id = first-id+1
        data-for-cell-or-face with id = last-id
where sub-section-id is a (decimal) integer that identifies the variable field (e.g., 1 for pressure, 2 for velocity). The complete list of these is available in the header file ( xfile.h), which is located in the following directory in your installation area:



zone-id = the ID number of the cell or face zone
size = the length of the variable vector

zone-id matches the ID used in case file. size is 1 for a scalar, 2 or 3 for a vector, equal to the number of species for variables defined for each species). n-time-levels and n-phases currently are not used.

A sample data file section for the velocity field in a cell zone for a steady-state, single-phase, 2D problem is shown below:

(300 (2 16 2 0 0 17 100)
(8.08462024e-01  8.11823010e-02 
 8.78750622e-01  3.15509699e-02 
 1.06139672e+00 -3.74040119e-02 
 1.33301604e+00 -5.04243895e-02 
 6.21703446e-01 -2.46118382e-02 
 4.41687912e-01 -1.27046436e-01 
 1.03528820e-01 -1.01711005e-01 

The variables that are listed in the data file depend on the models active at the time the file is written. Variables that are required by the solver based on the current model settings but are missing from the data file are set to their default values when the data file is read. Any extra variables that are present in the data file but are not relevant according to current model settings are ignored.

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