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B.4.1 Zone

Index: 39 or 45
Scheme symbol: xf-rp-tv
C macro: XF_RP_TV
Status: required

There is typically one zone section for each zone referenced by the grid. Although some grid zones may not have corresponding zone sections, there cannot be more than one zone section for each zone.

A zone section has the following form:

      (39 (zone-id zone-type zone-name domain-id)(
       (condition1 . value1)
       (condition2 . value2)
       (condition3 . value3)
Grid generators and other preprocessors need only provide the section header and leave the list of conditions empty, as in

      (39 (zone-id zone-type zone-name domain-id)())
The empty parentheses at the end are required. The solver adds conditions as appropriate, depending on the zone type. When only zone-id, zone-type, zone-name, and domain-id are specified, the index 45 is preferred for a zone section. However, the index 39 must be used if boundary conditions are present, because any and all remaining information in a section of index 45 after zone-id, zone-type, zone-name, and domain-id will be ignored.

Here the zone-id is in decimal format. This is in contrast to the use of hexadecimal in the grid sections. The zone-type is one of the following:

      exhaust fan
      inlet vent
      intake fan
      outlet vent

The interior, fan, porous-jump, and radiator types can be assigned only to zones of faces inside the domain. The interior type is used for the faces within a cell zone; the others are for interior faces that form infinitely thin surfaces within the domain. FLUENT allows the wall type to be assigned to face zones both on the inside and on the boundaries of the domain. Some zone types are valid only for certain types of grid components. For example, cell (element) zones can be assigned only one of the following types:


All of the other types listed above can be used only for boundary (face) zones. The zone-name is a user-specified label for the zone. It must be a valid Scheme symbol B.1 and is written without quotes. The rules for a valid zone-name (Scheme symbol) are as follows:

where a special-initial character is one of the following:

      ! $ % & * / : < = > ? ~ _ ^
and a special-subsequent is one of the following:

      . + -
Examples of valid zone names are inlet-port/cold!, eggs/easy, and e=m*c^2.

Some examples of zone sections produced by grid generators and preprocessors are as follows:

      (39 (1 fluid fuel 1)())

      (39 (8 pressure-inlet pressure-inlet-8 2)())

      (39 (2 wall wing-skin 3)())

      (39 (3 symmetry mid-plane 1)())

The domain-id is an integer that appears after the zone name, associating the boundary condition with a particular phase or mixture (sometimes referred to as phase-domains and mixture-domains).

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