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B.3.4 Nodes

Index: 10
Scheme symbol: xf-node
C macro: XF_NODE
Status: required


      (10 (zone-id first-index last-index type ND)(
      x1 y1 z1
      x2 y2 z2

The following is an example of a 2D grid:

      (10 (1 1 2d5 1 2)(
      1.500000e-01 2.500000e-02
      1.625000e-01 1.250000e-02
      1.750000e-01 0.000000e+00
      2.000000e-01 2.500000e-02
      1.875000e-01 1.250000e-02

Because the grid connectivity is composed of integers representing pointers (see Cells and Faces), using hexadecimal conserves space in the file and provides for faster file input and output. The header indices are in hexadecimal so that they match the indices in the bodies of the grid connectivity sections. The zone-id and type are also in hexadecimal for consistency.

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