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32.10.3 Parallel/Load Balance...

The Parallel/Load Balance... menu item opens the Load Balance panel.

Load Balance Panel

The Load Balance panel allows you to enable and control FLUENT's load balancing feature. Load balancing will automatically detect and analyze parallel performance, and redistribute cells between the existing compute nodes to optimize it. See Section  31.6.2 for more information about load balancing.



Load Balancing   turns the automatic load balancing feature on or off.

Parameters   contains the partition method from which you will select and a balance interval that you must set.

Partition Method   contains a drop-down list of the recursive bisection methods that can be used to create new grid partitions. The choices include the Cartesian Axes, Cartesian Strip, Cartesian X-Coordinate, Cartesian Y-Coordinate, Cartesian Z-Coordinate, Cartesian R Axes, Cartesian RX-Coordinate, Cartesian RY-Coordinate, Cartesian RZ-Coordinate, Cylindrical Axes, Cylindrical R-Coordinate, Cylindrical Theta-Coordinate, Cylindrical Z-Coordinate, Metis, Polar Axes, Polar R-Coordinate, Polar Theta-Coordinate, Principal Axes, Principal Strip, Principal X-Coordinate, Principal Y-Coordinate, Principal Z-Coordinate, Spherical Axes, Spherical Rho-Coordinate, Spherical Theta-Coordinate, and Spherical Phi-Coordinate techniques, which are described in Section  31.5.5.

Balance Interval   allows you to specify the desired interval for load balancing cycles, in terms of number of iterations. When a value of 0 is specified, FLUENT will internally determine the best value to use, initially using an interval of 25 iterations. You can override this behavior by specifying a non-zero value. FLUENT will then attempt to perform load balancing after every N iterations, where N is the specified Balance Interval.

Compute Nodes   is a list of the current spawned compute nodes.

Default   returns the load balancing parameters to their default values.

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