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32.10.1 Parallel/Auto Partition...

The Parallel/Auto Partition... menu item opens the Auto Partition Grid panel.

Auto Partition Grid Panel

The Auto Partition Grid panel allows you to set the parameters for automatic partitioning when reading an unpartitioned grid into the parallel solver. See Section  31.5.3 for details.



Method   contains a drop-down list of the recursive bisection methods that can be used to create the grid partitions. The choices include the Cartesian Axes, Cartesian Strip, Cartesian X-Coordinate, Cartesian Y-Coordinate, Cartesian Z-Coordinate, Cartesian R Axes, Cartesian RX-Coordinate, Cartesian RY-Coordinate, Cartesian RZ-Coordinate, Cylindrical Axes, Cylindrical R-Coordinate, Cylindrical Theta-Coordinate, Cylindrical Z-Coordinate, Metis, Polar Axes, Polar R-Coordinate, Polar Theta-Coordinate, Principal Axes, Principal Strip, Principal X-Coordinate, Principal Y-Coordinate, Principal Z-Coordinate, Spherical Axes, Spherical Rho-Coordinate, Spherical Theta-Coordinate, and Spherical Phi-Coordinate techniques, which are described in Section  31.5.5.

Case File   allows you to use a valid existing partition section in a case file (i.e., one where the number of partitions in the case file divides evenly into the number of compute nodes). You need to turn off the Case File option only if you want to change other parameters in the Auto Partition Grid panel.

Across Zones   allows partitions to cross zone boundaries (the default). If turned off, it will restrict partitioning to within each cell zone. This is recommended only when cells in different zones require significantly different amounts of computation during the solution phase, for example if the domain contains both solid and fluid zones.

Optimizations   contains a toggle button to activate pre-testing.

Pre-Test   instructs the solver to test all coordinate directions and choose the one which yields the fewest partition interfaces for the final bisection. Note that this option is available only when you choose Principal Axes or Cartesian Axes as the partitioning method.

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