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32.9.4 Report/Projected Areas...

The Report/Projected Areas... menu item opens the Projected Surface Areas panel.

Projected Surface Areas Panel

The Projected Surface Areas panel allows you to compute an estimated area of the projection of selected surfaces along the $x$, $y$, or $z$ axis. See Section  29.4 for details.



Projection Direction   indicates the direction along which to project the surface.

Min Feature Size   specifies the length of the smallest feature in the geometry that you want to resolve in the area calculation.

Area   displays the computed projected area.

Surfaces   contains a list of existing surfaces. You can select the surface(s) for which the projected area is to be calculated in this list.

Compute   computes the area of the selected surfaces projected along the selected direction. The area will be printed in the Area box and in the console window.

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