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32.7.17 Display/Annotate...

The Display/Annotate... menu item opens the Annotate panel.

Annotate Panel

You can use the Annotate panel to add text with optional attachment lines to the graphics windows, or to modify existing text. See Section  28.2.4 for details about the items below.



Names   contains a selectable list of all annotation text strings that have been defined. You can choose a text string to be deleted or edited.

Delete Text   deletes the text strings selected in the Names list from the display.

Annotation Text   contains the annotation text string you wish to add, or the annotation text string for the item selected in the Names list.

Font Specification   contains controls for defining or modifying the font in the annotation text string.

Name   contains a drop-down list of various font styles.

Weight   contains a drop-down list from which you can select Medium or Bold.

Color   contains a drop-down list of colors that can be used for the text.

Slant   contains a drop-down list from which you can select Regular or Italic as the slant type.

Size   contains a drop-down list of font sizes (in points).

Add   adds the current Annotation Text to the active graphics window. A dialog will prompt you to select a screen location using the mouse-probe button on your mouse (see Section  28.3 for more information on setting the mouse buttons).

Edit   updates the edited text in the active graphics window. This button will replace the Add button when you are editing an existing text string from the Names list.

Clear   removes all annotation text and attachment lines from the active graphics window.

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