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32.7.8 Display/Zone Motion...

The Display/Zone Motion... menu item opens the Zone Motion panel. This option is available for all dynamic mesh models.

Zone Motion Panel

The Zone Motion panel will update those zones that have solid body motion specified, in the graphics window. See Section  11.7.3 for details about the items below.



Preview Controls   contains controls that you can set to preview the zone motion.

Time Step   specifies time step size for zone motion preview.

Number of Steps   specifies number of time steps for zone motion preview.

Motion History Integration   contains motion history integration parameters.
Start Time   is the starting time for mesh motion (default value set to 0).

Time Step   specifies the time step size in seconds.

Number of Steps   allows you to specify the number of time steps for the motion.

Preview   previews the zone motion.

Apply   saves your settings for zone motion.

Reset   sets the default inputs restored in the panel.

Integrate   allows FLUENT to create a table of surface positions in time.

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