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32.6.10 Surface/Manage...

The Surface/Manage... menu item opens the Surfaces panel.

Surfaces Panel

The Surfaces panel allows you to interactively group, rename, and delete surfaces and obtain information about their components. See Section  27.11 for details about the items below.



Surfaces   contains a list of existing surfaces from which you can select the surface(s) of interest.

Name   displays the name of the selected surface. You can edit the text field to modify the surface name. (If more than one surface is selected, the name of the first one you selected will be displayed.)

Surface Type   displays the type of surface that is selected (e.g., zone-surf if one surface is selected, or Multiple Surfaces if more than one surface is selected).

Points, 0D Facets, 1D Facets,   and 2D Facets display the number of points and facets in the selected surface. If more than one surface is selected, the sum over all selected surfaces is displayed for each quantity.

Note that if you want to check these statistics for a surface that was read from a case file, you will need to first display it.

ID   displays the ID of the selected surface. You cannot change this value.

UnGroup   ungroups the selected surface. This button is available only if the selected surface was created by Grouping two or more surfaces together.

Rename   renames the selected surface in Surfaces with the name specified in Name. This button is available when just one surface is selected. (If two or more surfaces are selected, it becomes the Group button.)

Group   groups two or more selected surfaces and gives the group the name entered in Name. This button replaces the Rename button when two or more surfaces are selected.

Delete   deletes the selected surface(s).

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