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32.6.9 Surface/Transform...

The Surface/Transform... menu item opens the Transform Surface panel.

Transform Surface Panel

The Transform Surface panel allows you to create a new data surface by rotating and/or translating an existing surface, and/or by specifying a constant normal distance from it. See Section  27.10 for details about the items below.



Rotate   contains the transformation parameters for rotation.
About   defines the origin about which the surface is rotated. You will specify a point, and the origin of the coordinate system for the rotation will be set to the specified point. For example, if you specified the point (1,0) in 2D, rotation would be about the $z$ axis anchored at (1,0). You can either enter the point's coordinates in the x,y,z fields or click on the Mouse Select button and select a point in the graphics window using the mouse.

Angles   define the angles about the x, y, and z axes (i.e., the axes of the coordinate system with the origin defined under About) by which the surface is rotated. For 2D problems, you can specify rotation about the z axis only.

Translate   contains the transformation parameters for translation.
x,y,z   define the distance by which the surface is translated in each direction.

Iso-Distance   contains the transformation parameters for "isodistancing.''
d   sets the normal distance between the original surface and the transformed surface.

Transform Surface   contains a list of existing surfaces from which you can select the surface to be transformed. The selected surface will remain unchanged; the transformation will create a new surface.

New Surface Name   designates the name of the new surface. The default is the concatenation of the transformation type (i.e., iso-distance, rotate, or translate) and an integer which is the new surface ID.

Create   creates the surface.

Manage...   opens the Surfaces panel in which you can rename and delete surfaces and determine their sizes.

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