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32.6.7 Surface/Iso-Surface...

The Surface/Iso-Surface... menu item opens the Iso-Surface panel.

Iso-Surface Panel

The Iso-Surface panel allows you to interactively create isosurfaces. These surfaces can be isovalued sections of an existing surface or of the entire domain. For more effective use of the slider bar, press the Compute button before using it. See Section  27.8 for details about the items below.



Surface of Constant   contains a list from which you can select the scalar field which will be used for isosurfacing.

Min   displays the minimum field value, which is computed when you press Compute.

Max   displays the maximum field value, which is computed when you press Compute.

Iso-Values   sets user-specified isovalues. There are two ways you can set the Iso-Values:
  • You can set an isovalue interactively by moving the slider with the left mouse button. This will also create a temporary isosurface in the graphics window. Using the slider allows you to preview the isosurfaces before defining them. Note: Even though the isosurface is displayed, it is only a temporary surface. To create an isosurface, use the Create button after deciding on a particular isovalue.

  • You can type in isovalues in the Iso-Values field directly, separating multiple values by white space. Multiple isovalues will be contained in a single isosurface; i.e., you cannot select subsurfaces within the resulting isosurface.

From Surface   contains a list of existing surfaces from which you can select the surface to be used for isosurfacing. If you do not select a surface from the list, the isosurfacing will be performed on the entire domain.

From Zones   contains a list of cell zones from which you can select the zone for creating an isosurface.

New Surface Name   designates the name of the surface to be created. The default is the concatenation of the scalar field name and an integer which is the new surface ID.

Create   creates the surface.

Compute   computes the minimum and maximum of the scalar field across the domain and displays them in the Min and Max boxes.

Manage...   opens the Surfaces panel in which you can rename and delete surfaces and determine their sizes.

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