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32.6.5 Surface/Plane...

The Surface/Plane... menu item opens the Plane Surface panel.

Plane Surface Panel

The Plane Surface panel allows you to interactively create a planar surface that cuts through the domain. See Section  27.6 for details about the items below.



Options   contains options for defining the plane surface.

Aligned with Surface   enables the specification of a plane parallel to an existing surface.

Aligned with View Plane   enables the specification of a plane parallel to the current view in the active graphics window.

Point and Normal   enables the specification of a plane having a certain normal vector and passing through a specified point.

Bounded   enables the creation of a bounded parallelepiped, 3 of whose 4 corners are the 3 points that define the plane equation (or the 4 corners of the Plane Tool).

Sample Points   enables the specification of a point density along the 2 directions (of the parallelepiped). This creates a uniformly distributed set of points on the plane. (This item is available only when the Bounded option is enabled.)

Plane Tool   activates the plane tool. See Section  27.6.1 for details. This option is not available if you are using the Aligned With Surface or Aligned With View Plane option.

Sample Density   specifies the density of points when the Sample Points option is enabled.

Edge 1, Edge 2   sets the point density along the two directions of the plane. (Edge 1 extends from point 0 to point 1, and edge 2 extends from point 1 to point 2.)

Select Points   activates the selection of points with the mouse. You can select endpoints by clicking on locations in the active window with the mouse-probe button. (See Section  28.3 for information about setting mouse button functions.)

Reset Points   resets the plane tool to its default position.

Surfaces   contains a list of currently defined surfaces. If you choose the Aligned With Surface option, this will become a selectable list, and you can choose the surface with which you want the new plane surface to be aligned.

Points   contains boxes in which you can set the coordinates of the three points defining the planar surface.

x0, y0, z0   designates the coordinates of the first point.

x1, y1, z1   designates the coordinates of the second point.

x2, y2, z2   designates the coordinates of the third point.

Normal   contains boxes in which you can specify the components of the normal vector when the Point And Normal option is enabled.

ix, iy, iz   designates the coordinates of the end point of the normal vector (the start point being 0, 0, 0).

New Surface Name   designates the name of the new surface The default is the concatenation of the surface type and an integer which is the new surface ID.

Create   creates the surface.

Manage...   opens the Surfaces panel in which you can rename and delete surfaces and determine their sizes.

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