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32.5.11 Adapt/Smooth/Swap...

The Adapt/Smooth/Swap... menu item opens the Smooth/Swap Grid panel. This menu item is not available in parallel FLUENT.

Smooth/Swap Grid Panel

The Smooth/Swap Grid panel controls smoothing and face swapping of the numerical mesh. See Section  26.13 for details about the items below.



Smooth   contains parameters associated with smoothing the grid.
Method   indicates whether the Laplacian or the skewness-based smoothing method is to be used. Select laplace or skewness from the drop-down list.

Relaxation Factor   (for Laplacian smoothing) sets the factor by which to multiply the computed position increment for the node. The lower the factor, the more reduction in node movement. This field appears when laplace is selected as the smoothing method.

Minimum Skewness   (for skewness-based smoothing) sets the minimum cell skewness value for which node smoothing will be attempted. FLUENT will try to move interior nodes to improve the skewness of cells with skewness greater than this value. By default, Minimum Skewness is set to 0.8 for 3D or 0.4 for 2D. The Minimum Skewness field appears when skewness is selected as the smoothing method.

Number of Iterations   defines the number of successive smoothing sweeps performed on the grid.

Swap Info   provides information on the most recent face-swapping operation.
Number Swapped   displays the number of faces that were swapped based on the Delaunay circle test.

Number Visited   displays the total number of faces that were visited and tested for possible face swapping.

Smooth   initiates the desired number of smoothing iterations.

Swap   exchanges the faces of cells for which the circle test is not satisfied.

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