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4.15 Saving the Panel Layout

The Save Layout command in the File pull-down menu allows you to save the present panel and window layout. You can arrange panels and graphics windows on your screen in a preferred configuration and select the File/Save Layout menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Save Layout

A .cxlayout file is written in your home directory. If you subsequently arrange different panels and save the layout again, the positions of these panels are added to the positions of the panels that you saved earlier. If you move a panel for which a position is already saved, and then you save the layout, the new position is written to the .cxlayout file. In subsequent sessions, when you open a panel or create a graphics window, it is positioned based on the saved configuration. Any panel or window not specified in the saved configuration uses the default position. The .cxlayout file in your home directory applies to all Cortex applications (i.e., FLUENT, MixSim, and TGrid).

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