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1.1.4 Remote Simulation Facility (RSF)

FLUENT's Remote Simulation Facility (RSF) is a highly secure mechanism for executing large, complex simulations at a remote data center. You can use FLUENT to access the RSF using the File menu.

File $\rightarrow$ RSF...

When you select this option, FLUENT displays the Remote Simulation Facility panel (Figure  1.1.5).

Figure 1.1.5: The Remote Simulation Facility Panel

If a case and data file are already loaded into FLUENT, the Write Case & Data button will be active, which will allow you to write out the case and data files for the current session. You must save your case and data files in order to use them on the RSF. Once you save the case and data files and launch the RSF, you can exit from FLUENT.

To start an RSF session, click Start RSF to open your web browser and load the page for the FLUENT Remote Simulation Facility (RSF).

For more information about the RSF, see


To link to the RSF on Linux/UNIX platforms, you must first have installed the contents of the FLUENT 6.x Documentation CD, which contains the files necessary to launch your browser so you can automatically view the appropriate web pages.

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