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32.4.19 Solve/Execute Commands...

The Solve/Execute Commands... menu item opens the Execute Commands panel.

Execute Commands Panel

The Execute Commands panel allows you to define commands to be executed during the calculation. See Section  25.19 for details about using this feature.



Defined Commands   sets the total number of monitor commands to be defined.

On   activates/deactivates the execution of each command.

Name   specifies a name for each command.

Every, When   indicate how often the command is to be executed. You can enter the interval under Every and select Iteration or Time Step. ( Time Step is a valid choice only if you are calculating unsteady flow.)

Command   specifies the command to be executed. You can enter text commands or the name of a command macro that you have defined in the Define Macro panel.

Define Macro...   opens the Define Macro panel, in which you can define command macros.

End Macro   ends the definition of a macro. (This button will replace the Define Macro... button when you click on OK in the Define Macro panel.)

Define Macro Panel

The Define Macro panel allows you to define macros for automatic execution by the command monitor, or for interactive use by you. See Section  25.19.2 for details.



Macros   contains a selectable list of the currently-defined macros.

Name   specifies a name for the command macro.

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