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32.4.18 Solve/Particle History/Import Particle Data...

The Solve/Particle History/Import Particle Data... menu item opens the Import Particle Data panel.

Import Particle Data Panel

The Import Particle Data panel allows you to import particle history data for display purposes. See Section  25.20.2 for details.



Options   contains the check buttons that set various import particle data options.

Auto Range   toggles between automatic and manual setting of the particle data range.

Draw Grid   toggles between displaying and not displaying the grid. The Grid Display panel is opened when Draw Grid is selected.

Style   allows you to select pathline style.

Style Attributes...   opens Path Style Attributes panel. This allows you to modify the line width, cylinder radius or marker size.

Color by   contains a list from which you can select the scalar field to be used to color the particle data.

Min,Max   allows you to set the range when Auto Range is disabled.

Steps   sets the maximum number of steps a particle can advance.

Skip   allows you to "thin out'' the pathlines.

Display   displays pathlines.

Pulse   animates the particle positions. The Pulse button will become the Stop ! button during the animation, and you must click Stop ! to stop the pulsing.

Read...   opens a file selection dialog where you can enter a file name and a directory for the imported data.

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