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32.4.17 Solve/Particle History/Export Particle Data...

The Solve/Particle History/Export Particle Data... menu item opens the Export Particle Data panel.

Export Particle Data Panel

The Export Particle Data panel allows you to export particle history data as your solution progresses. See Section  25.20.2 for details.



Type   specifies the type of the file you want to write.
Standard   allows you to write the file in FIELDVIEW format, which can be read in FIELDVIEW.

EnSight   format (not available when Unsteady Particle Tracking is enabled under the Define/Models/Discrete Phase... menu option).

Geometry   allows you to write the file in .ibl format, which can be read in GAMBIT.

Export Variables   contains the list of variables for which you can export the particle data.

Injections   allows you to select the required injection from the list of predefined injections.

Particle File   allows you to specify the file name/directory for the exported data, using the Browse... button.

Encas File   is the file name you will specify if you selected EnSight under Type. Use the Browse... button to select the .encas file that was created when you exported the file with the File/Export... menu option.

No. of Particle Time Steps   appears when you select EnSight under Type. The specified number is the number of particle time steps that are saved to the .encas file.

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