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32.4.16 Solve/Mesh Motion...

The Solve/Mesh Motion... menu item opens the Mesh Motion panel.

Mesh Motion Panel

The Mesh Motion panel allows you to preview the dynamic mesh as it changes with time before you start your simulation. See Section  11.7.3 for details.



Time   contains the parameters to specify the time interval at which to update the mesh.

Current Mesh Time   displays the current time after the dynamic mesh has been advanced the specified number of steps.

Time Step Size   specifies the size of each time step.

Number of Time Steps   specifies the number of time steps.

Display Options   contains options to view the updated mesh.

Display Grid   displays the grid.

Save Hardcopy   saves a hardcopy file of the mesh each time FLUENT updates it during the mesh preview.

Enable Autosave   saves the case and data files with the specified name and frequency. See Sections  11.7 and 11.7.3 for details.

Display Frequency   displays the frequency at which FLUENT will update the mesh display.

Preview   allows you to preview the motion of the selected zones in the graphics window.

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